Preview for snowy US-China get together

Solid article by Mark Magnier for South China morning post quotes me, Jeff Moon and others. My prognosis: both sides need to lay down markers (US on Human Rights, cyber-spying, trade, technology, South China sea) (China on Taiwan, South China Sea, economic independence). However, both need to show that they are not isolated, so will look for areas of cooperation, probably: climate change, lowering trade tensions, opening investment flows, North Korea.

July 5, 2020 – Ming Pao Interview — Sad days for Hong Kong

Ming Pao published on July 5 some additional questions and answers with me on Hong Kong. See the Chinese articles here and here. The full text in English is here.

TL-DR: All my life, I’ve been bullish on Hong Kong, even at critical moments like the Handover.  No more.  I’m afraid that, over time, the city so many of us love will lose its energy and its lustre.