Preview for snowy US-China get together

Solid article by Mark Magnier for South China morning post quotes me, Jeff Moon and others. My prognosis: both sides need to lay down markers (US on Human Rights, cyber-spying, trade, technology, South China sea) (China on Taiwan, South China Sea, economic independence). However, both need to show that they are not isolated, so will look for areas of cooperation, probably: climate change, lowering trade tensions, opening investment flows, North Korea.

Interview with Seoul Radio on Biden Foreign Policy

Talked about Biden foreign policy yesterday with Seoul TBS-eFM’s Morning Show. Interviewer is Henry Shinn. Segment marked as “TakeAways from Recent Quad Meeting” at Key theme: Biden pursuing multilateral diplomacy because that’s the only way to solve global problems, including rise of #china.

Hong Kong — then and now

Second episode of the AmDipStories podcast, this on Hong Kong: Told some history before the handover, the night of, and now the pressures from China. Xi Jinping is moving China backwards towards more party control, more repression and more support for state enterprises, and trying to take Hong Kong with it. Not a good situation, but we need to focus our pressures on Beijing authorities and help Hong Kongers avoid getting caught in the middle.

Boucher, Greenspan, Chief Executive C.H.Tung, Finance Secretary Donald Tsang shortly after the 1997 Handover.

Stories from time as Spokesman

Told some stories and drew some lessons from my time as State Department Spokesman (and Deputy) 1989-1993 and 200-2005. Lots to say: the job is to advance policy. If it helps policy to shut up, you shut up. If it helps to talk, you talk. But it’s also an essential link for policy makers: if policy won’t fly at the podium, maybe it’s not very good policy.

Listen to the episode:

and the tag line: “Ever had that dream where you sit for an exam and you haven’t been to class once?  And you’re not wearing any pants?  Welcome to the world of the State Department Spokesperson, as told by Richard Boucher.  “