National Journal on Pompeo’s Interviews

National Journal reporter did an exhaustive analysis of Secretary of State Pompeo’s. He used one quote for me, but the highlights are the numbers showing a decidedly domestic focus, centered on the Fox news network. Is this Pompeo supporting his boss or Pompeo trying to build his own reputation among conservatives?


Quotes in Ming Pao about US election

I did a (written) interview with a Ming Pao (Hong Kong) reporter about the Foreign Policy implications of our election. It was published on October 13 in Chinese.

Some quotes:

“American first” has ended up producing “America Alone”

As we head into a new era, these Alliances can help create a system of global cooperation on global issues, help us benefit from each others’ strengths, help us open our markets to each other on an equal basis, and organize solutions to technological, political, military and diplomatic challenges we all face. Alliances underpin US leadership to make the rules that we all must follow –including emerging powers like China.

,,,”as long as the authorities in Beijing continue to interfere in the politics, the security environment, the education system, the judicial system and the daily life of Hong Kong, the US will maintain sanctions and restrictions –no matter which party controls the White House or the Congress.”

Here’s the Chinese page in full.

Here are the english questions and answers.