Interview on Hong Kong with Ming Pao

A reporter from Ming Pao in Hong Kong asked me to answer some questions about the demonstrations in Hong Kong. I sent him written answers.  You can see the full text of what I sent here.   Key elements:

—   the US policy and Hong Kong policy act made clear that we would recognize one Chinese sovereignty and differentiate between the two systems for as long as the differences were real.

—  Hong Kong’s status as a separate customs territory rests at the heart of its special treatment.  In my view, it would be a major mistake to revoke this status to “punish” Beijing or Hong Kong’s leaders.  The people of Hong Kong and all their endeavors prosper because of the separate status. With them in mind, the US should avoid retaliatory moves that harm those who live in Hong Kong. 

Most Americans want Hong Kong to be stable and peaceful.  Both for our economic and political interests in Hong Kong, we would be content to do business, maintain relationships, and enjoy the wonderful city that we love so much.

— At the same time, we, like the demonstrators, have wanted to see steady progress towards the goals of the Basic Law: universal suffrage and respect for the rights of the people of Hong Kong.  Americans believe stability and openness can reinforce each other.

Ming Pao published three articles in Chinese based on the interview:

  1.  One about the general situation and demonstrations here
  2.  One about the Hong Kong Policy Act here
  3.  One about the Handover and relations with mainland authorities here


They also dug up a picture of me in those days with C.H.Tung, Donald Tsang and Alan Greenspan!!!