New York Times (Chinese) Interview on Hong Kong

I did an interview with the New York Times Chinese language edition (In English, they translated) about Hong Kong demonstrations.

The Gist: Hong Kong leaders lack the political skills to balance a Chinese administration that wants control and order in the city with an increasingly restive young population of Hong Kongers worried about their jobs, their future and their way of life.  Every push against civil liberties and rule of law in Hong Kong drives young people in Hong Kong and Taiwan to think more of autonomy and independence.  Foreign leaders and business people need to speak out for the open society and rule of law that make Hong Kong valuable to its citizens and the world.

It’s wrong to think that “the business of Hong Kong is business.”   The business of Hong Kong is integrity: of deals, of contracts, of regulation, of markets, of personal freedoms.  Anything that impinges on Hong Kong’s integrity is ultimately bad for Hong Kong, bad for Hong Kong investors, bad for China.  The young people demonstrate because they understand this fact. We should all listen to them

Here’s the Chinese version:

And, here’s the English Version: