Hong Kongers Demonstrate for Rule of Law — G20 leaders should support them

New article in TheHill.com on Hong Kong.   Millions of demonstrators turned out against the extradition law because it would undermine the very foundations of the common law system that Hong Kong was promised in 1997.   Indeed, rule of law brought people to Hong Kong –whether they swam to Hong Kong decades ago, moved their business from the mainland in recent years or set up a foreign company in the city.   The leaders at the G20 should tell Xi Jinping how important the rule of law in Hong Kong is to them.   No extradition law.  No security law.   Just Hong Kong common law.


Here’s the link for cutters and pasters:  https://thehill.com/opinion/international/450617-hong-kong-protesters-have-but-one-demand-rule-of-law

US China Trade War: Overview and politics

Two China trade pieces I’ve just published.

The Internal Debates Driving the US-China Trade War

One, in TheDiplomat.com, talks about the internal debates, trade negotiators and hard liners on each side, egging each other on.   Leaders want a deal but they’ll have to override advisers who want a strategic division.  You can find the whole thing here:



It’s time to gang up on China

The other, in TheHill.com, tries to lay out for those interested in how we deal with China particularly on these issues the opportunities to lead with diplomacy and tie China into a set a rules.   Rather than have to negotiate we can set the international standards to counter state-supported enterprises and theft of intellectual property.



Hope people find them useful.