Screw you guys, I’m going home

Wrote an article for TheCipherBrief (see on Trump and the Europeans.  They tried to “educate” him yet he persisted in his views.  Whatever the discord, we’re stuck with each other on issue after issue:    “Together, we face digitization, automation, terrorism, Middle East turmoil, Russian belligerence, and Chinese resurgence.  From ISIS to cod to laptop bans to data privacy, neither the U.S. nor Europe can make policy alone….“Go it alone” won’t work for either Americans or Europeans and the sooner we accept our fate and mollify our pretensions to independence, the better off we’ll be. ”

Detached analysis aside, Trump’s visit reminds me of two memes from South Park.  When the new President was shown the Pentagon last season, he marveled at the toys:   nukes, satellites, drones.  When he opened the door marked “Diplomatic negotiations” he blurted out:  “Oh jeez, this doesn’t look like fun.”    That kind of sums of Donald’s trip to Europe.   Whereupon, he departs muttering Eric Cartman’s refrain  and pulls out of the Paris Accords on his return.

Trump Talks the Talk but Hobbles The Walk

President Trump’s first foray into the world of foreign affairs hinged on one issue: can he convey a sense of trustworthy personal and U.S. leadership? Rhetorically, he did fine but at home he proposed a budget that guts his ability to follow through. In Riyadh and at NATO, he proclaimed American leadership. In Washington, his budget declared unilateral diplomatic disarmament.  


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